Any operation takes computing power to complete it, so everything you do on the network comes with a cost. The money is used to reward blockchain participants who process your transactions. When you make a transaction on the blockchain, you have to pay a fee called a gas price. You are basically paying a miner to go out and receive crypto for you. Prices can rise and fall depending on demand. 

The Crypto Crash Course

We've made a comprehensive course to teach you everything you need to know about the basics of crypto buying, selling, and trading... and made it not boring in the process.

way of coin cryptocurrency course

As a couple of crypto nerds constantly being asked questions, we were surprised to find most crypto content is focused on the already initiated. Few creators are helping to GROW the community in a meaningful way, so we set out to do just that: help people who are new to the subject or don’t feel 100% confident discussing, trading, or grasping the significance of cryptocurrency.

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