Crypto is NOW. Unless you’re ahead, you’re already behind.

There are two camps in the crypto realm: one of folks who got in early and learned the ropes, and another of folks who didn’t and realize they have some catching up to do. There’s plenty of content out there for the first group created by the first group. There’s also an abundance of misguided, even dangerous content aimed at ensnaring the unwary investor.

Well, What If Instead...

You Finally REALLY Got It

Self-certainty in conversations, understanding of risks and rewards, an easy button for getting and staying ahead of the curve

You Could Get Help Now, Help Others Later

Join the Way of Coin Facebook community for additional guidance. Then give back to that same community when new people join, once YOU have the answers they seek.

You Had Confidence to Navigate the Future

Crypto is here to stay, and the blockchain technology enabling it is already changing the world. How much brighter might your future look with a better grasp?

About Way of Coin

As a couple of crypto nerds constantly being asked questions, we were surprised to find most crypto content is focused on the already initiated. Few creators are helping to GROW the community in a meaningful way, so we set out to do just that: help people who are new to the subject or don’t feel 100% confident discussing, trading, or grasping the significance of cryptocurrency. We designed a simple, comprehensive video series covering everything you need to know to be dangerous. It even has jokes.  


Crypto Crash Course

What is cryptocurrency? Where did it come from? Why should you care about it? Why are some crypto investors getting rich while others get wiped out? What does blockchain mean for the future of money… maybe the future of everything? How does crypto mining work? Why is a Dogecoin worth a tiny fraction of a Bitcoin? What’s an ICO, and how’s it different from an IPO? What are stablecoins, NFTs, smart contracts? How can you buy, trade, or invest in cryptocurrencies? What’s the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? All this and more in plain language with real-life examples. Also some jokes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If I buy the presale, do I have to pay more later for the other modules? 

Nope. You can watch the currently published videos now, and you’ll get immediate access to all the videos in “Crypto Crash Course” as they’re released. Plus you can join the Facebook group right away.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yep. If our course wasn’t valuable to you, we’ll give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked. OK, maybe one question: what could we have done differently?

Is this one of those programs where you try to upsell me on the $3000 version later?

Nope. We’re not above making and selling a more advanced program in the future, but only if enough people want it. For now our goal is simple: help as many folks as we can to learn crypto and join a supportive community.


This Course is Perfect For You If...

You’re not 100% Comfortable in Conversations About Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto and blockchain are increasingly common topics in professional and entrepreneurial circles, and for good reason. The implications of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology extend far beyond personal investment, so getting and staying up to speed is wise. 

You’re Ready to Learn What All the Fuss is About

Are you interested in investing in crypto? Are you wondering if blockchain will really have an impact on the future of currency? This course helps will all of those questions and many more. Don't be left behind when it comes to this cutting edge technology!