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What People are Saying about the Crypto Crash Course:

"I am by profession a banking regulatory compliance officer and have worked in various forms of finance for nearly 20 years. I must admit, for all the knowledge I have related to money and finance, my knowledge of crypto currencies and blockchain was minimal at best. After dedicating a few hours watching (and taking notes) of the modules included in Way of Coin, I am blown away.
I spend multiple hours a week taking continuing education trainings. Much of that is wasted time due to lack of new information and plainly dull material. If that is what you are thinking you might expect from Way of Coin, you could not be more wrong. Brian’s quick wit, historical information to show significance, and the ease at which this complicated information is relayed in an easy to understand and digest fashion is remarkable.
Take it from me, if you have no insight into crypto, if you have a basic to moderate understanding already, or if you feel ahead of the curve; there is information and laughs in store for you at Way of Coin."

Joshua T.  - FL

"I thought it was excellent. You really gave a thorough explanation of crypto and made it fun. I think anyone who is new to crypto will come away with a good grasp of the fundamental concepts. I plan to watch it again! I canceled my Cryptonation group subscription because they were not answering my questions and I strongly felt it was not worth the money. It seems to be a group of very experienced long-term investors with not much time for newbies."

Coleen O. - CT

way of coin cryptocurrency course

As a couple of crypto nerds constantly being asked questions, we were surprised to find most crypto content is focused on the already initiated. Few creators are helping to GROW the community in a meaningful way, so we set out to do just that: help people who are new to the subject or don’t feel 100% confident discussing, trading, or grasping the significance of cryptocurrency.

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